Review: Bumble Bee Crafts.

Of course I was going to be drawn to any independent business that alludes to or directly references bees!! As Beatrice’s spirit animal and also such an integral part of the structure of our planet (#SaveTheBees!!!) I happily stumbled upon Lauren’s work on one of my Instagram Wormhole moments again… I think maybe “Beehive moments” would be more apt as it certainly sounds more appealing!

My favourite thing about supporting small businesses is that you really get to connect with the makers, the creatives, the owners of a dream; on a much deeper level. One of my favourite hashtags to explore on Instagram incidentally is #MeetTheMaker because I love to put a face to the work and beautiful items that make their way to you!


Bumble Bee Crafts had gone through a metamorphoses since trading under an old name since 2015. After a small hiatus Lauren revamped her Etsy/Instagram stores you see today to manage her anxiety following the birth of glittle lady in 2017 and her love of crafting and customer service excellence has kept her busy!

I am a sucker for stories of the heart and a family ethos that is truly central to the ongoing success of this small business. Lauren clearly has a passion (and gift) for crafting and it is this zest that has inspired various projects including peg picture frames, bow holders, Fairy doors, tulle wreaths and most recently (and most loved by her customers) her mini Pom Pom wreaths.

In our conversation I requested our bespoke “bumble bee themed” Pom Pom wreath. The ongoing communication really set my experience apart from other shops where I have placed custom orders previously, as Lauren works in a very consultative yet collaborative fashion and kept me in the loop for the entire process. She came to me to see which colour wool I would prefer and also whether I wanted the wreath one solid colour or mixed colour to ensure my exact requirements and expectations were met (then exceeded), with pictures of the progress sent throughout our communication.

Lauren admitted that her favourite item to make has shifted due to its popularity. Initially she favoured her chocolate bouquet makes, but her mini Pom Pom wreaths have really become the star of the show and are flying out of her Craft Space quicker than you could say “Buzz”!!

I really enjoyed getting to know Lauren through our messages throughout and found out that we both have little bee’s! Her youngest daughter is call Honey (Honey Bee) and I call Beatrice my little Bea/Bee. I could really tell that she was enjoying creating my order. The process was speedier than I had anticipated despite there being a small wait for the personalised name letters to arrive for painting/finishing. For good (decadent) measure I decided on a gold glitter finish for the name.

The photos of the wreath do not do it justice. It came out of its bubble wrap protection and I was delighted with the colour! It packs a punch and certainly screams “bee design”! The Pom Poms perfectly coordinate with the wreath stripes & falling ribbons and I couldn’t get enough of the adorable addition of the felt flower. The name sparkles in glittery splendour but does not detract from the main feature of the design which is clearly the Pom Pom huddle!

These wreaths are perfect for bespoke door signs for children’s rooms. The compact size makes it ideal for room decor, though Lauren is able to offer any size and colour combination because she describes her shop and products as “different, lovely, handmade and personalised” and I really feel like she is happy to challenge herself to create pieces that are imagined by her customer. It was lovely to have an idea in my head that was actualised very successfully! It has already been a talking piece with my family commenting on how individual and quirky it is on their visits!

The mini wreaths are very reasonably priced for the skill and time invested. They are £10 and if personalised each letter is at a cost of 50p. The wreaths are fab for any occasion. My mind is already buzzing with other ideas for my next wreath order (hello Unicorn Pom Pom goodness!!!) and these would be an interesting, contemporary take on a Christmas wreath. Add the gorgeous Pom Pom baubels to your order and you are good to go for the festive period (supporting a small business and having unique items!) – just don’t miss out on Christmas order books closing! (Shipping between 1-6 weeks so place those orders sharpish!)


For a discounted price for your bespoke orders quote BEAANDME in your communication with Lauren.

What colour Pom Poms would you select for your wreath? Do you think wreaths are perfect all year round in interior styling?


Bea’s Mummy x


I received a discounted price on my wreath as part of our review agreement but all opinions are my own.

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