“When in doubt … put a bow on it!” Review: Zo’s Bows & Bee Beau Co.

I feel that it is about time to just rename the site now to the “Bow-utiful Life”! what with the bundles of utter hairbow joy Bea and I have recently received through the post. Happy Posts truly equal Bow Posts in my humble opinion.

Bea has become quite tolerant to… dare I venture ‘expectant’ of bow wearing on the daily. Once we had managed to escape from the Transitional Ward I would throw on a Headbow here or there to compliment her “tiny baby” outfits, but being such a dot, most one-size-fits-all creations were too big; so I went Bespoke-Bow Crazy and haven’t looked back since!

Nothing brings me more joy than scrolling through a fabulously glittery feed of hair accessories. What with our lack of hair situation we must request that the main design is affixed to a nice, soft nylon headband as Bea is still growing her hair back in after quite the significant hair loss (she was born with a full head of thick, dark hair!)

On a Bow Hunt exploration on Instagram I happily stumble across both these glorious businesses featured in today’s review. What I love is that there is such diversity in the UK Handmade arena which perfectly captures the personality of the seller and designs are (on the whole) very unique to that individual/brand. Another aspect that I love about shopping Independent is the real opportunity to communicate with the creatives & makers of beautiful things. You can really gleam a sense of their passions that explode from within onto their medium of choice.

Both Zo’s Bows & the Bee Beau Company pleasantly surprised me with their gorgeous offerings for review. I was blown away by not only the stunning designs that landed at Bea & Me HQ, but the generosity and true love-what-you-do attitude that wrapped us in a great, big virtual hug. Attention to detail and service are what has truly set these two beautiful shops apart. I couldn’t wait to ready the cavalry (my little human whirlwind) and enjoy the theatre of bows!

Zo’s Bows:

In a suitably girly candy striped bag, a flurry of zesty Autumnal and frozen-inspired Wintery bows flurries out into my waiting hand. *Queue my terrible rendition of Let It Go!* The first thing I thought was that the wintry goodies were plucked straight out of a fairy tale! These bows were clearly fashioned by a maker who understands what little ladies want.

0B5E180F-CA67-4DA8-A673-DC6B624C0B81This was confirmed by the lovely Zoe who explained how the business came into fruition just this year:

“I started playing around with ribbon last year after coming across some poorly made ribbon hair bows in a party bag my girls received from a party they went to…. these bows had glue hanging out
everywhere…they were uneven and fell off their sharp alligator clip after a few moments of my girls wearing them….. so I thought…I could make these! So I started practising and after trialling my bows in my girls hair Zo’s Bows was properly
established January 2018.”

I love when a business is fueled on a Mother’s love and the quality of the bows is certainly noticeable.

I asked Zoe to describe her business and the passion that bubbles out of her is infectious.

“Bespoke, Quality made Ribbon Hair Bows for all occasions, made solely by me with heaps of love.”

The love and care is so apparent in the design and uniqueness.

The Instagram feed is pure delight. I am like a kid in a sweet shop looking through all the goodies. The process from ordering to arrival is smooth and the communication 175F5CA8-877E-44F6-9420-65DDDFFB1AB0throughout is top notch. I think Zoe would happily chat to all her customers to offer the very best customer service and a real understanding of her market. I believe it is this that enables her to keep creating the designs that Mummies and their daughters want to accessorise in!

The wealth of choice is phenomenal. Zo is a whizz with ribbon bows, though admitted that she has not been as successful as she would have liked with the fabric and glitter bows but I think that is because she is a perfectionist. You really get a sense of this with every purposeful tuck. The precision is five star and you can tell that these bows are durable and will stand the test of time!

“My main motivation was my own 3 daughter’s…. they love hair bows and pretty ribbon and in the local stores I often came across bows that were quite pricey but poorly made. I have a tad OCD to perfection and my ribbon bows have to be made to the highest of standards…if I make a mistake I literally start again and since gaining regular custom over the past months alongside my girls being my motivation it is now also the feeling of pride when I receive positive feedback from my customers. Plus bow making is very therapeutic I love it! Only the ribbon ones though as I tried and failed at fabrics and glitters.”

It gives me confidence in the longevity of these beautiful products because they have been put through their paces by a #MumMaker with the highest of standards and three product testers on site!

We were gifted the floral Fred Bow, the floral/mustard Eloise bow, the two tone Scarlett bow, the snowflake Christmas Fred bow, the satin Ava bow in a wintry grey, the white sparkle Hallie bow & the bonus Christmas themed Mrs Clause number (which I can not wait to get her in for the run up to the festivities at Bea & Me HQ!!!)

Zoe offers so many bespoke options so you can create a bow that works for your preferred colour scheme. I think the little bits of sparkle that can be added take the designs to the next level from “day bows” to pieces that can be worn through the evening. I find that a little extra sparkle goes a long way!

Each bow has its own quirk, be it the loop, additional detail or colour scheme and I loved styling Bea. My personal favourite is the Eloise bow, but that is until I put the Mrs Claus bow on Bea as I am rather partial to character creations and a strong theme- I am “one of those people” who adore’s all things Christmas! It makes my soul sing!

I loved that Zoe provided such a great selection of her work. One of the big draws of her work is the sizing of her bows. They are mostly what I would describe as medium bows BFD4D1C5-D099-4E9D-B632-BE21A8D57CA1(with the exception of the Ava & Hallie) so I think a medium bow tends to look best for every day wear as it is noticeable, you see all the beautiful detail but it is not invasive. They are also easier to wear than oversized bows.

The nylon bands were soft and easy to wear without leaving marks on Bea’s head.

I love everything about Zo’s Bows; from the communication to the passion of the maker, to the colour pallet to the delicate details like “buckles” or glitter.

Bea will be sporting her Crimbo bow with pride next month so look out for that photo, Dear Reader!

Be quick to place your orders as the shop closes for a well earned hibernation from 23rd November until the new year. You can use FIRSTORDER10 on the Etsy store to grab 10% discount.


Please join Zo on her special Instagram Market Night on the 30th November for the very last chance to grab some bargain stocking fillers for your little ladies. I know I will be there!

Bee Beau Co.

Click here for the Bee Beau Company Website.

“Bow Mail”and smiles come hand in hand; it’s as if a bow makes a lot of bad things seems trivial because, after all, how can you be glum when you have hair pretties in your life?!

In three of the most beautiful boxes I have ever seen, three beautiful sets of bows were presented, each with their own distinctive theme. I was captivated by the beauty as sets and individually; what made them even more impressive as singular entities is that they are fashioned from the best quality wool felt and non shredding glitter material that not only looks super luxurious, but stays put on your LO whilst remaining comfortable (with the softest nylon bands and grosgrain lining to protect little heads.)AE3A9D3D-5881-4CF9-9FD2-6D0669ABDE79

What I most love about the brand is that Renee sources her quality materials from the UK so you can trust that these creations are the best of British manufacturing.

Bea and I were lucky enough to receive three of the Christmas Sets to test: The Sugarplum Fairy Collection, Traditional Tartan and The Northern Lights Collection. They were beautifully packaged in a gift box so they feel very special and like a treat! I placed each box alongside one another and could not decide which collection was my favourite, as each box evoked a different personality from super sweet, to sensible, to edgy.

Interestingly many of the collections are named after little ladies that Renee knows  and her personal favourite is the Ava Signature collection, named after her very own little princess.

29AF24C5-2C52-41B3-A3E6-301A5A4899B8Again, it would seem that Mum’s are turning Business Woman because they find gaping holes in the market and realise that items are missing that they would be happy to put their own children in. Bee Beau Co was established this April (2018) as an answer to offering tasteful hair accessories suitable for fine hair. You can see that there is an emphasis on comfort and a section of the website is dedicated to school bows in the universal primary school shades of red, green, 25DB48A5-76C6-4644-8FE3-3BC62F17BECBnavy and grey. That is the roots of the design; from the simple and traditional to these exciting signature collections which are a steal at just £10.95!

Renee is so easy to deal with and will ensure that your bow requirements are met. Through our conversations it came to light that we are mutual bee lovers! (Yay! #SaveTheBees!)

I have thoroughly enjoyed pairing these bows with outfits and I particularly had a day of compliments when Bea was sporting the Northern Lights glitter bow which changes in every variation of light. Very much like the aurora borealis you witness such beauty in the change from blue, to gold, to green; twinkling in its majestic splendour! I had lots of people asking me what colour it was and I told them it was any colour they preferred on the blue or green spectrum. Honestly my photos do not do it justice sadly! The sparkle is phenomenal.

The headbows are so dainty and are perfect for small heads because the details are not overpowering. I just love the craftsmanship of the felt flowers. They are in beautiful, handmade bloom for eternity.

“My products are made using the best quality materials mounted onto either lined crocodile clips or super soft and stretchy nylon headbands for ultimate ‘stayputability’ (I am claiming this word!)”

jokes Renee.

I can’t wait to pair my December/Christmas outfits with the traditional tartan, navy and fir green bows and the golden, glittered Sugarplum fairy bow will be perfect for festive events (I am a sucker for anything gold and sparkly so this was a double whammy!)

These truly are luxury bows made with attention to detail and love.

Check out the beautiful Instagram feed here & Renee can also be found on Facebook.

This is the first #UnboxingVideo I made, it is certainly a skill that I need to improve if I am going to kill the Blog Game! I am aware it’s got many flaws… I was doing this as best as possible with Bea sat on my lap and a less than impressed cat that wanted feeding at the time of the recording!


I am thrilled to have found these two fabulous companies who give above and beyond to their craft, the bow market and capture the dreams of little (and bigger) girls everywhere!

I will always say that everything looks better with a bow. There is just something so quintessentially whimsical that evokes beautiful childhood memories and I hope that Bea looks back at the beautiful photos of her in these bows in fondness. I will treasure these super sparkly and charming moments.

If you were designing a bow for your little lady what qualities would you capture in the design? Do you prefer ribbon, fabric or glitter bows?


– Bea’s Mummy x


The bows featured in the review were gifted to Bea and I as part of our review agreement but all opinions are my own.





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