Hello Third Trimester! – BabooBox Review (#Gifted)

*Collaborative post*- I was gifted the BabooBox “The Big Push” third trimester box below in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.

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“You’re going to be a Daddy again!” I squeal throwing my arms around the Hubby on his 30th Birthday. “Happy Birthday!” – and what a surprise Baby Goddard #2 was!!! No inkling, no pesky Morning, Afternoon AND Evening Sickness like with Bea! It is the healthiest I have been within myself in a long time. Amazingly I continued my Slimming World weightloss throughout my whole first and into second trimester experience! (I lost over a stone!) – up until 19 weeks pregnant I was throwing myself down large, inflatable slides at our local soft play!

My Bump finally made its appearance at around 25 weeks. In all honesty I have been happy to keep Bump circumference down over the Summer months with record temperatures because let’s face it… who has time and patience to deal with under Bump sweat and all the tribulations of Summer pregnancy?!

I am now into Third Trimester (just shy of 30 weeks at the time of penning this piece!) and it is safe to say I now feel well and truly pregnant! My energy levels have hit that plateau that is very evidently a side effect of the exhaustion of the “final push” so to speak! What with running around after our 16 month old tornado Bea my body is certainly crying out for some TLC! Queue research into Mummy Treats that ease the ravages of late pregnancy. I truly believe that my body is collapsing internally and I can’t even imagine the distress of my lady bits (uterus, ovaries, womb etc) that have taken such a beating following almost 3 solid years of being pregnant in some capacity, a traumatic late loss with Mylo and the nerve-racking premature arrival of Bea! I like to think I have an excuse for being a little bit worn out!!

To this end I discovered BabooBox – “pregnancy survival box” and triple award winning no less! The subscription boxes are rightfully gaining traction and recognition within the business arena. Two WOW awards for Women in Business and have been featured in Tatler!

I couldn’t wait to see more for myself to ease my weary body. Obviously as much as the obvious physical fatigue Mums To Be have to combat the strain on their mental wellbeing! #RealTalk – being a pretty much full time Mummy can be isolating and the monotony can really test your mental health too!

It is important to remember that you need to top yourself up too so that you are at full capacity to raise your Minnie’s. We often forget to put ourselves on any type of care list. Our priorities are always others, and that is what is wonderful yet exhausting about being a Mother!

Ruth and Jess have put together a pregnancy subscription/gift box service that accompany Mums To Be Through each stage of their pregnancy. I am a sucker for subscription boxes (or at least the idea of them), but in all honest a few experiences of a subscription service have left me wanting a little bit more. One of my top priorities for a successful box are for full size products to be included. I feel like there is a certain attention to detail lacking and a lesser experience with trial sized products and it does not feel as luxurious and the full benefits are not felt.  With BabooBox there is a keen focus on full size products which I really appreciate!

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There is a sense of pride that oozes from each box that is confirmed when Ruth tells me that “the personal touches that come with the box, such as the hand made and hand written cards are important to us.” The items have been curated to; excuse me borrowing from the great philosopher of our time Marie Kondo, “spark joy!” You can see that the boxes are for the utter enjoyment of Mummies, who rarely have time for our own little luxuries, but I think a subscription box forces us to acknowledge our own needs for a moment in time. Self care is so important and something we must not forget (even if we feel as if we don’t have the time!)

My box arrived and the first thing I noticed was the weight of the box (this is obviously due to the fact that full sized products form the contents of the bundle!) The way the box is packaged is clearly heavily influenced by Ruth and Jess’s backgrounds before the BabooBox was born! (See what I did there?!) The boxes are very aesthetically pleasing. Jess has come from the world of beauty therapy and Ruth is a media and sales guru. Together they know what looks good! What I love about the contents is that they are from independent companies and where possible have used recycled and recyclable packaging for sustainability. I love that there is an environmental focus too. One of my bug bears is excessive packaging and use of plastics so I am making it my mission to be more environmentally aware and support business that have a central eco-centric  value.

When subscribing to all 4 boxes you save 15% and postage and packaging is free.

Whats in the box and what are my thoughts?

The Box I have been gifted is called “The Big Push”. I am a sucker for a pun so I appreciate this.

The Little Herb Hut Wheat Bag- Heat Therapy harnessed in a compact and easy to use wheat bag. There are so many benefits that seem extra applicable during pregnancy when you are sore and cranky!!!

The application of heat can be used to help lessen pain, relieve muscle spasms, decrease joint stiffness, increase blood flow and accelerate the inflammatory process which is invaluable during pregnancy.

By third trimester I am certainly feeling the full effects of muscle (ligament) pains, a stiff back and of course the age old swollen ankles (or cankles as I call them past a certain point because you can never be 100% certain where your ankles end and calves start when you feel like you are swollen!)

I was eager to get this lovely little wheat bag in the microwave after Bea’s bedtime bottle went in so she could have a warm belly and my aches and pains of the day could be targeted. I almost immediately felt the relaxation of the area I was treating. I can confirm that after applying to my legs I didn’t actually suffer with the severe cramping that has plagued me on an almost nightly basis since 27 weeks of pregnancy.

I found that the wheat bag was pliable due to its grain filling and despite my swelling and changing contours of my body I have been able to successfully apply it to all areas of my body (some assistance required by the Hubby for my lower body as my Bump gets bigger!!)

I have also used the cooled wheat bag before bed as my Husband is adverse to me utilising the fan to cool myself. This has meant that he has not had to compromise (which actually means accepting that angry Pregzilla will be using the fan even if it is a bit chilly for you!)

The Wheat Bag really is versatile. I found that it heated quickly but then released the heat slowly over and extended period of time. The beauty is that there is so much longevity to the item as the bag can be heated or frozen time and time again.

SBC Leg Gel- There are definitely effective ingredients with soothing properties within nature that are a godsend to Mummies to Be. One of my personal favourite botanicals is Witch Hazel. It is powerful stuff with its instant soothing capacity. The leg gel provides soothing with the Witch Hazel component then cooling Camphor with calming Arnica, so it offers a rather divine triple hit!

As previously mentioned my ankles are currently suffering. I take Bea for up to 3 jaunts a day (I am a non driver so it’s all Mummy Leg Power and we always seem to need to pick something up from the shops!) I must admit that my efficiency has taken a hit over the last few weeks. I applied the gel following a particularly vigorous walk to the park and march up the hill! With Bea the march up is always accompanied by detours back down to wave at our lovely elderly neighbours who always seem to come outside to meet us!


A lovely five minute massage of the gel into my tired legs really gave me an instant pick up! It smells rather lovely too.

I wouldn’t say it has solved my circulation issues entirely yet but it certainly is a product I would recommend to use as an aid. I would happily continue to use in life outside of pregnancy.

Akamuti Lip Balm- Another one of those birth hacks that people seem to forget to mention is having lip balm at your disposal!! It is a hospital bag essential and possible a little saviour that you may overlook!!! Don’t! I never realised how dry your lips could get during labour! The ward environment coupled with my heavy usage of gas and air really cracked my lips last time and it ended up being something that actually really annoyed me which I had never prepared for before the labour! I will certainly be packing this luscious balm in my bag and keeping it ready to reach to give my lips a bit of a boost.

The balm combines the purest, natural ingredients including golden, organic beeswax, pure creamy cocoa butter and generous spoonfuls of olive oil.  Drizzled with organic honey and roman chamomile essential oil it really does feel like a little pot of luxury and it is actually my personal favourite item in the box!

I just love the sweet scent of camomile and this is expertly blended with the rich almost chocolatey hit of cocoa butter and the natural botanical goodness of beeswax.

The coverage is great and doesn’t leave your lips feeling “coated” and the moisturising properties are very clear! I feel that it will be long lasting even in a clinical environment and my lips will be much less chapped this time around so I can offer softer kisses to Baby Boy G.

Motherly Love Due Date Massage Oil-  Undoubtedly pregnancy and labour are a very stressful time and there are numerous physical and mental benefits of  massage during pregnancy and Labour to emotionally, as well as physically support the ultimately challenging process.

I like to remind my Husband that my massages are a lovely, bonding experience  for both us and Baby G. If it is going to reduce the risk of anti natal depression in us both that is a great outcome!

“During the last trimester is when many of the neurological pathways are being laid down in your unborn baby. For some mums stress and anxiety can have a negative effect. The production of the stress hormone cortisol can interrupt some of the normal neurological pathways being activated.

Keeping stress and anxiety, as low as possible is really important during pregnancy. Massage is a great way to do this.” Jan who produces these beautiful blends is a Midwife and aromatherapist so one of the stand out properties if the oil is it’s amazing aromatic hit! There is a beautiful citrus hit, this happens to be one of my preferred types of scent. It quickly relaxes me.

I love the #NoNasties Credentials on the oil as it contains absolutely NO:

  • Parabens
  • EDTA
  • Mineral oil
  • Silicones
  • Phthalates
  • Synthetic fragrances & colours.

I helpfully pointed my Hubby in the direction of Jan’s How To for a relaxing Hand and Arm Pregnancy Massage: https://www.motherlylove.co.uk/relaxing-hand-and-arm-massage-for-pregnancy/.

Wooden Massage Roller- As with above, the wooden roller is fabulous to an all over body massage for when you are feeling the aches and pains that a growing human being seems to like to cause your body! In the day I have been able to roll it under my feet to target those pressure points and get back up on them bury physically and metaphorically!

The roller is excellent quality and promotes a very feel good “ahhhh” kind of vibe after short bursts of use or as part of a more in depth massage.

As well as all the very practical contents outlined above, I loved that the box is as fun as functional with the inclusion of the Baby Shower materials: baby shower game and mocktail recipe. It is this and the discount for your child’s personalised astrology chart which gives the box the added wow factor because Ruth and Jess remember we are people, not just robots who would appreciate that little pop of personality!


I really think there is something so special about the right subscription box and it is nice to receive a little pick me up every couple of months to get you through one of life’s toughest experiences. Ruth and Jess have expertly sourced and tied these products up with a beautiful boy and an appreciation of the pregnancy journey and beyond.

I have very much enjoyed using my 3rd trimester box to alleviate the physical and mental stresses of pregnancy and would highly recommend the service as a whole. I am a little bit gutted that I missed the previously boxes as I imagine that they scratch the right itches in the chronology of pregnancy and ease the less desirable side effects as they pop up!



-Bea’s Mummy x



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