Review: Little Peaches.

Our little Bea seems to be suffering with Baby Pattern Baldness of late… the top of her hair is really thinning and we are constantly finding little, baby hairs in her cot, our bed and her Sansa seat…. anywhere that she spends an extended period of time really, so whilst she grows her new hair back in I have remedied this aesthetic change with adorning her in exaggerated & quirky headwear. #WeLikeBigBowsWeCanNotLie!

She has such a big personality she can wear these beautiful baby accessories with style and ease and our new favourite headbow comes from Little Peaches. It evokes Summer vibes with its sunshine yellow brilliance.


The store has just celebrated its first year of trade (having launched in August 2017) and was truly created with a Mummy’s love. I really relate to Michaela’s utter distaste of going back to the grind having been off for maternity leave. As my own maternity leave is swiftly coming to a close, I can not even imagine spending time apart from my little sidekick. Michaela decided that this store would offer the lifestyle that would be most compatible with family life as she ensured that she could spend as much time with her daughter as possible.

Mum-treprenuer’s are fuelled by love and pure passion for products that have to earn the seal of approval from their own little people, which is one of the main reasons I trust independent businesses to deliver quality products. It is because each item has been put through its paces by a real child, with exacting standards and a varied and exciting routine.



The store is full of adorable, fully personalisable pieces including the adorable tee that Bea sported on our little Costa trip “Mummy’s Coffee Date.” The quality of material is first rate and the fit surprised me as Bea is an awkward size and often mass produced/highstreet stores sizing is laughable (I don’t know why some manufacturers think babies are so long!!!) The t-shirt cut Bea perfectly and the full quote could be seen without being distorted in any way and offered ample space for movement.

It is a so wearable and can easily be paired with jeans, leggings or bloomers. We teamed the top, hairbow & angel winged socks with a pair of ruffle bum bloomers which were forest green/gold detailed, so there was a beautiful contrast between decadence and every day charm. I had many compliments on the angel socks as I assume, like myself; people haven’t seen these on regular/highstreet shopping trips. They certainly are the most unique part of Bea’s outfit. Yet again the material felt really durable and the thickness means that they will be functional throughout the colder, Winter months.

The service was top notch and the products have been sourced because they are the items that Michaela wanted as part of her daughters wardrobe! She says her favourite piece is the “Mamma is my bestie” monochrome top because it sums up her hope that her daughter will be her bestie forever… let’s get real.. this truly is the dream as a Mummy! I think this will resonate with a huge number of the #MumArmy.


The full outfit was a hit with Bea; who didn’t complain about being put in any of the items, myself because I feel pride in dressing Bea in quirky and beautiful outfits that will stand out & with the general public (I saw the delight in otherwise deadpan faces of coffee drinkers and people audibly “awww”-ing as we passed.)

There is a huge selection of clothing available for babies and children and there are various snapshots on the Instagram feed of Michaela and her little lady, as well as other happy customers. It is nice to see the garments actually being worn in real life settings, because often on Insta Shops there is a feed of beautifully “fluffed” flatlays to manipulate the items into looking wearable, but this may not translate into reality! I have been fooled into this false sense of security before because I am a sucker for beautiful images!


Little Peaches offers both style and functionality. The garments quality is not trumped by the aesthetic. By this I mean the items look great, but they also have longevity and will not burn a hole in your pocket without a quality output.


Do you love slogan tees too? What do you think of the winged socks and have you seen this design before? What quote would best describe your little one?



Bea’s Mummy x


These items were gifted to Bea and I as part of our review agreement but all opinions are my own.



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